General Contracting

True Restorations is a “Full service”, foundation to finish contracting firm. We build:

  • New Homes
  • 1st & 2nd Floor additions
  • Shell only projects (framing, roofing, siding) are an option
  • kitchens, bathrooms, porches, etc (smaller jobs).

True Restorations Inc. provides written, detailed job proposals & contract payment schedule with payments made “Upon completion of” a particular phase of the job,“We don’t accept payment until you are satisfied” .

Our written A.W.A’s (additional work authorizations) are negotiated & signed before work is performed. We don’t just hand you a big bill at the end of the job.

Clients will fill out and sign off selection sheets to ensure accuracy of the products (grade, color, type, etc,) being used in your project.

Follow electronically the status of your job with our user-friendly selected software: Client Documents are shared on our Cloud server via Citrix Sharefile. Clients have 24/7 access to all documents via smartphone, tablet or computer. Images & videos can be shared, contracts can be E-signed & stored within the Sharefile cloud speeding up the process and ensuring convenience. Know more :


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