Mold Emergency : Do’s & Dont’s

We are experienced Contractors who specialize in “complete projects”. Most, if not all, mitigation companies only provide mitigation services (remediation) and then leave. This will leave you to experience long delays in scheduling repairs and will have to deal with contractors who don’t have experience in dealing & negotiating with insurance companies.

Do’s & Dont’s:

  • Do remove yourself, other family members, and pets from the  house
  • Do take physical precautions so as not to inhale possible contaminatesnassau county mold cleanup
  • Do immediately turn off any forced air heating or cooling system in the home/building
  • Don’t touch any affected material or material in the vicinity of an affected area
  • Don’t go from an affected area to a clean area
  • Don’t take any items from the house/building without the item being approved by a True Tech or CIH (Certified Industrial Hygienist)
  • Don’t go into the containment room if you’re not a qualified technician

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