Water Emergency : Repair Process

True Restorations is a “Full service”, foundation to finish contracting firm. We build:

• New Homes

• 1st & 2nd Floor additions

• Shell only projects (framing, roofing, siding) are an option

• kitchens, bathrooms, porches, etc. (smaller jobs).

We Call back within 5 minutes of contact and a workforce at your site within 30 minutes. We make all insurance contacts, coordinate all aspects of mitigation & water damage Repair Long Island.

Repair Process

  • We will provide a fully detailed estimate of repairs (including all labor & materials) as well as a payment schedule for all necessary repairs and any optional upgrades
  • Once approved, we will start work and provide you with a calendar of the repair so that you know when to expect our workers. We will only collect monies as repair landmarks are met (as per the contract)water damage repair long island

  • We will provide you with all job documents (contracts, payment invoices, selection sheets, etc.) all of which will be uploaded to the cloud and accessible via Citrix Sharefile 24/7 from any laptop, tablet or mobile device. Hard copies are available, if requested.
  • We will share our estimate with your insurance adjuster & negotiate on your behalf so that your insurance payout is maximized and accurate.
  • We will ask for a certificate of completion & satisfaction to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and we will share this with your insurance adjuster.

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