Water Emergency : Mitigation Process

True Restorations is a “Full service”, foundation to finish contracting firm. We build:

• New Homes

• 1st & 2nd Floor additions

• Shell only projects (framing, roofing, siding) are an option

• kitchens, bathrooms, porches, etc. (smaller jobs).

Mitigation Process

  • Once contacted, True Restorations will be on the site of the emergency within 1 hour (most times sooner).
  • We will ensure the source of the water has been stopped / slowed or neutralized
  • We will make insurance notifications & start the claims process (if applicable)
  • We will remove any standing water & expose all wet surfaces. All demolished finishing’s will be carted away.
  • We will map out & note moisture readings of all affected surfaces as well as obtain a “dry standard” for your dwelling and collaborate with the insurance adjuster on an agreed scope of work.

  • We will set up air movers, dehumidifiers & containment areas as per the industry standard IICRC guidelines
  • We will measure, monitor and adjust the equipment during the dry down process. Daily readings will be taken to ensure progress.
  • Once the dry down is within IICRC acceptable levels, we will apply a biocide spray (mold inhibitor) to all affected surfaces.water emergency nassau county
  • We will share the dry down readings and results with your insurance company and invoice them directly for payment of all labor, materials & equipment usage during the mitigation phase.
  • We will expedite a repair estimate for immediate approval so that we can bring you back to pre-loss condition with little to no delay.

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