Water Damage Services

True Restorations is a “Full service”, foundation to finish contracting firm. We build:

• New Homes

• 1st & 2nd Floor additions

• Shell only projects (framing, roofing, siding) are an option

• kitchens, bathrooms, porches, etc. (smaller jobs).

Why Choose True Restorations?

  • We are veteran General Contractors who specialize in “complete projects”. Most if not all the mitigation franchises only do the mitigation (dry downs) and then leave. You will experience long delays in scheduling repairs and will have to deal with contractors who don’t have experience in dealing & negotiating with insurance companies.
  • We utilize the same estimating software that the insurance adjusters have…..which is the language of the industry.
  • Our communication & managerial systems and attention to detail are tops in the industry!!!

True Restorations Inc. provides written, detailed job proposals & contract payment schedule with payments made “Upon completion of” a particular phase of the job, “We don’t accept payment until you are satisfied”. For more info regarding water damage services sayville visit us today.


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