Types Of Water Loss

True Restorations are veteran General Contractors who specialize in “complete projects”. Most if not all the mitigation franchises only do the mitigation (dry downs) and then leave.

You will experience long delays in scheduling repairs and will have to deal with contractors who don’t have experience in dealing & negotiating with insurance companies.

Water Loss Types:

Category 1. This is liquid from a clean source (domestic water) but, category 1 can quickly degrade into category 2.

Category 2. This category of liquid has a level of contaminates that may cause illness if ingested. Sources include dishwasher or washing machine overflows, flush from sink drains, and toilet overflow with some urine but not feces.

Category 3. This is water that is grossly unsanitary. It could cause severe illness or death if ingested. Sources include: sewer backup, flooding from rivers or streams, toilet overflow with feces, and stagnant liquid that has begun to support bacterial growth.

Call backs within 5 minutes of contact and a workforce at your site within 30 minutes. We make all insurance contacts, coordinate all aspects of mitigation & water damage Repair Long Island.


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